Why we love personalized one-to-one conversations

Private conversational sessions in French give students and teachers the chance to visit and get to know each other. It is like visiting with a friend, where you do most of the talking in your friend’s first language. Your teacher, who is a native speaker and a trained professional will guide the conversation so that you will practice your vocabulary and learn new vocabulary. Your conversational flow in French will improve.

We talk about a variety of useful topics in our conversational classes. The topics are geared towards your personal and professional interests. They may include:

Personal conversations may be about:

  • Family
  • Common Daily Conversations
  • Your Work
  • Your House
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Food Shopping
  • Clothes Shopping
  • Medical and Dental Terms
  • Cooking
  • Books
  • Hobbies
  • Libraries
  • Bookstores
  • Vacations

We also often discuss work and higher-level conversations which include coaching for work and life management. This might include:

  • Your opinion about work-life balance
  • Your ideas about what is happening in the news
  • Thoughts about the environment
  • Your dreams and hopes for the future
  • Your plans to achieve your hopes and dreams
  • Presentations and many different work situations
  • Your parenting style and relationships
  • Your thoughts on volunteering and community service

To answer the question “What about me and my needs”? The answer is “At Inspire Academy, we are all about you and your needs”. Our teachers will work with you, in a thoughtful and structured way so that you can realize your dreams. Our goal is to enable you to communicate in a second, or third, or fourth language so you can succeed in reaching your full potential.