What is courage?

Courage – this quality is so well-known, but not so easy to define…

Bravery created heroes who performed great and beautiful actions. At the same time, it is possible to be brave in our everyday life.

The word “courage” is a derivative of the heart. Defined as a virtue that allows you to undertake difficult things by overcoming all kinds of hardships: fear, danger, or suffering. Traditionally, courage is a quality valuable to the hero. Moreover, it involves an energy that sublimates the person and carries them beyond danger.



Courage as a top quality  

In psychology, courage is considered as a trait of character. To be brave is to dare to give up easiness, and take risks. Another aspect of courage is knowing how to recognize the difficulty in things, but at the same time feel less vulnerable by “taking courage with both hands”. Courage is therefore a true quality. It also involves being responsible or acting to change the course of events.
The term “encourage” refers to stimulating the need to live , to move forward, to take responsibility, to be an actor of his day, in fact it is to feel alive!



But that’s not all, it’s also being turned towards others

From a moral point of view , courage is guided by the sense of justice, it is estimable only when it puts itself at the service of others, without selfish interest. Someone brave can be embodied by a person who transmits in one way or another the will to continue to live. In this sense, “Good luck! Is an expression of support that we receive before an important decision, a difficult job, an obstacle or a difficult period to pass …




Have the courage to defend one’s ideals

To be brave is to fight for a cause that is important to us, it is to resist the fatality , to face the pessimism surrounding, to set a goal and to work tirelessly. Perseverance is an integral part of courage. Thus, a courageous person lives his ideal and defends it, she dares to pursue her dreams .



Learn to be brave, it’s possible

Courage is not a natural thing. People are formed and transformed through education. Our qualities are a strength that is acquired through hardships which require commitment and effort. You have to be faced with difficulties in order to fulfill certain requirements and then become someone brave.


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