The Basque Country is a unique region located on the border of France and Spain. This bilingual region has many advantages for those who wish to learn Spanish.

  1. Cultural immersion

The Basque Country is an ideal place to learn Spanish because it allows for total immersion in Spanish culture. The region is bilingual and the Spanish language is widely spoken there. Students can practice the language every day outside of class.

  1. Geographical proximity

The Basque towns of Biarritz and Hendaye are close to Spain, which facilitates exchanges with Spaniards. Students can easily travel to Spain and discover the cultural diversity of this country.

  1. An international language

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese. Learning Spanish is therefore an important asset for those who wish to work in an international environment. Moreover, Spain is an important economic partner for France and many companies are looking for bilingual employees.

  1. An easy language to learn

Spanish is a relatively easy language for French speakers to learn. Indeed, both languages have Latin roots and many words are similar. In addition, Spanish grammar is simpler than French grammar.

  1. A rich culture

Spain is known for its rich and diverse culture. By learning Spanish, students can discover the literature, music, cuisine, and history of this fascinating country.

Learning Spanish in the Basque Country is a unique experience that allows one to discover a fascinating culture while acquiring a valuable linguistic skill in the professional world.