French and Spanish language learning can be fast and fun

Learning a new language does not need to be confined to two weeks out of your summer sitting in a classroom with a teacher and a whiteboard. That kind of learning typically prompts students to take out their phones and watch video clips.

At the Inspire Academy we combine personal coaching, interesting conversations, and experiences into the learning. We take student-centered learning seriously. Our classes are customized to the needs and interests of the learner. First, each student has an assessment to determine their learning needs. Then we talk to each student about their goals and interests.

Here are some examples of fast learning from fun experiences and conversations :

Jessie is a beginner French student, and she likes the beach, surfing, hiking and art. She learns to introduce herself, ask for directions, and tell people a little about herself while she is at the beach, learning how to surf, creating art and visiting museums. She learns the French language and has fun memorable experiences in the SW Basque Region of France.

Ryan is an intermediate Spanish student. He loves going to the market and playing beach sports like volleyball, running, and walking. He wants to visit different cities in Spain, see the historical sites and taste Spanish cuisine. During his language training, he has many conversations in Spanish about the cities he is visiting, the historical landmarks, architecture and culture. He plays football with kids at the park and beach volleyball. He learns Spanish and has fun, memorable experiences in the NW coastal region of Spain.

At the Inspire Academy, we believe learning should be fast and fun! Students learn by doing. By speaking to real people inside and outside the classroom. This is how we organize the Inspire Academy French Language Immersion Program in Biarritz, St. Jean de Luz, Bayonne, and Hendaye and also our Spanish Language Immersion Program in Irun, Hondarrabia and San Sebastián, Spain.

Here is a testimonial by one of our students – “I did one on one French language training in Biarritz, France. It was fantastic. So much better than I imagined. I got to walk on beautiful beaches while talking to my teacher. We also visited Bayonne, Anglet, St. Jean de Luz, Hendaye and of so many sites in Biarritz. I learned a lot about Basque culture, cuisine, history and architecture. And I learned it all in FRENCH! I find that interacting with people and doing things helped me learn faster. And I really enjoyed the experience.”

We want our students to benefit from French and Spanish Language Immersion training and to go home with a lifetime of great experiences!

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