Spend one, two or three weeks improving your French and Spanish and experiencing Southwestern French culture in Biarritz, France. Make lifelong friends and experience a summer in the beautiful Basque Region that you won’t ever forget with our language immersion program.

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What is the French and Spanish Summer Immersion Program?

The Summer Immersion Program is a half day classroom and half day experiences program. The Inspire Academy offers one, two or three-week programs in which you will live in SW France or NW Spain, and you will develop your French or Spanish language skills while you learn about life in the beautiful Atlantic coastal towns Basque Region of France and Spain. You will benefit from experiential language learning and gain new Basque cultural awareness. People from around the globe come to the Basque Region of France and Spain during the summer months. Experience the beauty of the beaches, mountain trails, historical sites and Basque architecture.

Be Stronger and More Confident in French and Spanish

The Summer Immersion Program gives you the opportunity to improve your French and Spanish listening and speaking skills regardless of your level. You’ll also gain the opportunity to interact with members of the community, in markets, through sports, at beach festivals and events, and at museums and historical sites. You can participate in individual and group activities.

You will practice your French and Spanish skills while touring beautiful cities and sites SW France and NW Spain.

At the end of your program, you will be faster and more confident:

· Engaging in conversation with community members

· Introducing yourself and expressing your ideas, views and opinions clearly and with confidence

· Understanding the French and Spanish dialects

· Asking questions

· Learning about other people, places and things

· Making friends

Primary school, high school, university students, professionals, world travelers and language lovers are all welcome in this program.

For more information see : https://inspireacademyonline.com/language-immersion/


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