Discover the Vibrant Beach Volleyball Scene in Anglet, French Basque Country

Plage des Cavaliers

Plage des Cavaliers is a top spot in Anglet for beach volleyball. The wide sandy beach allows for multiple courts, perfect for casual games or joining pickup matches. The beautiful ocean views and refreshing sea breeze create an ideal setting for volleyball enthusiasts.

Beach Volley Anglet Club

Beach Volley Anglet Club offers training sessions and competitions for players of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, the club provides coaching and support to enhance your skills. Joining offers a chance to meet fellow enthusiasts and be part of the local volleyball community.

Tournaments and Events

Anglet hosts various beach volleyball tournaments, drawing local and international players. These events are lively, with spectators cheering and a vibrant beach ambiance. Whether playing or watching, it’s an exciting opportunity to experience high-level volleyball action.

Equipment Rental and Facilities

No equipment? No problem! Anglet offers equipment rental services for nets, balls, and more. Beachside cafes and facilities provide amenities like showers and refreshments for a comfortable experience.

Socializing and Beach Culture

Beach volleyball in Anglet is more than a sport – it’s a social experience. After games, relax on the beach, mingle with players, and enjoy the energetic beach culture.


Anglet offers sun, sand, and spikes for beach volleyball enthusiasts. Whether for casual games or competitive play, its stunning beaches and thriving volleyball scene provide an exceptional experience. Gather your team, practice your skills, and join the fun in Anglet!

Anglet, where sun, sand, and spikes meet – dive into the vibrant beach volleyball scene with stunning coastal views and a welcoming community